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Hi there! My name is Kara, I’m originally from Nebraska, have lived in a couple of different cities throughout the midwest and recently moved to Chicago. I’ve been thinking/talking about/desperately wanting to start a blog for years. Finally I have some spare time and I’m excited to actually do it to it!

Cooking makes me happy.  Cooking for other people makes me euphoric.  I love the planning, the inspiration, the feeling that goes into every individual dish.  I love breathing in the scent a simmering pot and instinctively knowing the finished product will be delicious. And I love creating my own flavor profiles, recipes and meals.

When I was little, my favorite game to play was “make whatever you can make”. This fun little ditty consisted of my sister and I ransacking the kitchen and putting anything and everything into a bowl, to then be baked in the oven at 350 degrees for twenty minutes, no matter what the content. I’m pretty sure I baked paste (flour and water and seriously nothing else) at one point. Poor mom, she taste-tested every single creation with nary a grimace, like a champ.

Fast forward 2 decades and “make whatever you can make” is still my favorite game. But now, instead of ransacking the pantry for ingredients, I hit up the web for a recipe starting point and twist and change it based on what I have in the kitchen and what I think would taste better. After all, girl’s on a budget, and 15 ingredients per meal is much too ‘spency for me.

I’m always open for questions, suggestions and comments, so shoot me an email if you need help or have an idea for me to incorporate!

My mom kept my old “recipe book”, which I apparently went back and edited in red pen at some point… haha some things never change.


13 thoughts on “about the author

  1. Kara, I LOVE IT!!!! I laughed out loud in almost every section. By the way, you’ve come a long way since your “paste” days; but no one makes tastier “paste” than you do. Love, mom

  2. I am so happy you stopped by my blog, because your lovely comment helped me to yours.! Our cooking philosophy is much the same, although I am old enough to be your grandmother! Blog on, I am loving it. By the way, I fell in love with growing my own basil and making my own pesto a while back, and your step by step instructions are great!

  3. I agree with your mom, I laughed the whole way through! But seriously, you have a way with words. Way to go! I started a blog for the same reason, only i never made paste as a kid…but maybe that’s better in my case..lol.

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