My Fancy Schmancy BLT

Well, if it wasn’t glaringly obvious, I did make something with my ciabatta bread and roasted red pepper aioli. It was a pretty easy decision since I had some bacon and spinach that were both about to go bad. Also, S suggested it. And so my version of a fancy BLT was born. 

I was just thinking last night about the turning point in my outlook on cooking.  I’ve always been a pretty fair cook, but the point in time that my love of food really took off was the point that I realized recipes can be a guideline and not the final word. If you had asked me in college to make a dish, I would find a recipe, painstakingly measure out every ingredient, and substitute absolutely nothing for fear my food would taste bad. Now that’s not a terrible way to do things, and it works well for a lot of people, but I like knowing I have control over how my food will taste (and recognizing that everyone likes different things).

So this sandwich was super easy, but oh so good. The red pepper aioli really gives it a nice tang, and the spinach adds a good depth of flavor. So we fried up some bacon and built our sandwiches!

I always, always put my condiments on both sides of my sandwiches. I love sauciness and the extra flavor. At one point in time I suspected I had underactive taste buds (thanks to a Dr. Oz segment on Oprah years ago- here’s a link to the corresponding article). But now I think I just like strong flavored foods.

We used my favorite cheddar/gruyere mix (found by the specialty cheeses at Trader Joes and totally affordable). I put it under the broiler for a few minutes. For some reason, I find that melted cheese tastes much better than non-melted cheese. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s an unconscious texture preference.

Then the bacon and tomato.

And lots of spinach. I think I might add a little more bacon next time. Naughty, no?

I have some recipes I’m really excited to try this weekend (and another bread recipe to share) so thankfully it’s already Wednesday and the work week is half over. Happy Humpday everyone!



6 thoughts on “My Fancy Schmancy BLT

    • My sincerest apologies I’m so slow at replying – life, work, etc… it’s all i can do to post! ANYWAYS, I really like turkey bacon. I don’t use it much in cooking and I’m not sure why – perhaps because it’s a little chewier than traditional bacon? Any suggestions on how to fix that? I feel like you probably have some tips up your sleeve :)

      • Ahhhh actually, I don’t!! My fiance loves turkey bacon but I am still partial to the uncooked-ish floppy real bacon. I wish I had some tips for you, I feel so special that you think I would have tips. It is a great alternative, just havn’t gotten 100% on board.

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