Oh hello there Brisket.  So nice to see you again. You were delicious. Salty and tender, slightly sweet and meaty.  S definitely wanted this for Passover, and as he’s made it many, many times, I was pretty much along for the ride.

This is how the brisket “recipe” was described to me. “Oh, you know, I just kind of put whatever I have on hand in with the brisket and it always turns out really good”. So keep that in mind dear readers, when you forage in your pantry for sauce ingredients. Anything goes. Aren’t those the best kinds of dishes?

This one is more of a “hey we did this” kind of a post than a cut and dry recipe. But it’s a good foundation for a brisket. Next time, I’d like to add some vinegar and brown sugar. I think the vinegar would help break down the meat for some additional tenderness and the brown sugar would temper the acidity.

S picked up the brisket from a great meat market here in Chicago.  They have odd hours, but we stopped in that Saturday morning so I could take a look around. It was incredible. Not only did they have lots of quality traditional items (and quality samples, yum), they had cheeses, sauces, and exotic meats. I’ll definitely be going back again. Now if only either of us had an apartment with a patio or deck for a grill. That is my one major sadness going into summer – no place to grill.

We seasoned it with a dry rub of black pepper, grill seasoning, garlic powder and salt.

Then, in a large sautee pan, we seared the meat on all sides to hold in the flavor. This was a quick sear on high heat and probably took no more than a few minutes.

And put it in the crockpot (which has been working over-time lately). Then we added a whole chopped onion, ketchup, an asian style sesame ginger sauce, honey, garlic and a little bit of water.

We could barely fit the meat in the pot! It worked out though.  We cooked on high for several hours and the whole apartment smelled incredible. We meant to make this with roasted potatoes, but by the time we ate, we ended up just eating a lot of brisket. I think it would be great if you put potatoes and carrots in with the meat though.

I wanted to try to make some sandwiches with the massive amounts of leftovers I thought we were going to have, but the meat shrank quite a bit and then we ate a whole lot and before we knew it, the brisket was no more.



5 thoughts on “Brisket

  1. Isn’t it disappointing when you think you are going to have so much leftover and you don’t? It looks so good and it sounds like you guys enjoyed every bite!

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