Fresh Chopped Salsa and the Mid-week Blues

I’m feeling quite tired and lazy today. Well, really this week. My Tuesday felt like it should have been Friday and don’t even get me started on how unfriendly Wednesday currently is.  It also can’t help that I went to sleep well past my bedtime last night after a rather raucous baseball game. Yes, it was freezing, and yes, I was almost whimpering by the 7th inning. I still belted “take me out to the ball game” with great gusto and managed to impress my coworkers with my baseball knowledge (lucky guesses and a smidge of bullshit).

So, a while ago I made a delicious salsa to bring to a bbq and it’s just been sitting in my post queue ever since…. every now and again I’ll open it up, type a few words, delete them and the immediately close out. Obviously the creative spirit is not going to move me any time soon.

And this was a good salsa. Someone at the party said it was the best they’d ever had.  I was pretty skeptical of that claim, but who am I to turn away compliments?  Also, it’s really more of a pico de gallo than a salsa, so I’m using the term loosely.

There’s not much of a recipe for this one. I chopped a bunch of fresh tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos and onion and added a little bit of garlic, salt, pepper, cilantro and hot sauce. Yep, hot sauce. Even with the jalapeno I was looking for a little more consistent heat, so I got out the trusty tabasco.

I left the jalapeno seeds in because that is where a lot of the pepper’s heat resides. If you don’t love spicy foods, it’s very easy to gut the jalapeno and toss the seeds.

And because you can never have too many peppers, I added green and yellow bell peppers. They don’t have much heat.

I think in hindsight, I wish I would have used white onion instead of red. The red was a little overpowering.

Also, tomatoes of course.  Mix everything together and serve with Tortilla chips. Perfect for the start of summer. Which is hopefully right around the corner. The weather in Chicago this week is a little chilly for my taste, and it is almost May… sigh.



8 thoughts on “Fresh Chopped Salsa and the Mid-week Blues

  1. I have this exact same “go to” pico but we eat it like salsa. I do a lot of different things with it: throw it in omlets, top nachos, devour on chips. We need to add jalapeno though for more of a KICK.

    • You’re telling me! I like my food too spicy so I always tone it down so that other people can actually enjoy it. I also put giardiniera on everything… wonder if that would be good in salsa… hmmm.

      • Oh my. Oh my goodness. Giardiniera is jalapenos, peppers and veggies pickled and jarred. They all take on a deliciously spicy flavor after sitting all together a while and its sooo good on sandwiches, in eggs, on salads… I could go on for days. Since you love spicy food you might want to check it out. The only negative is that some varieties have olives in them, but I always just pick those out since I don’t like olives.

    • Since I’m a Chicago transplant, I don’t really care either way. I just like going to sporting events and will go to any baseball game I can. Something about crappy hot dogs and beer while sitting outside and leisurely watching a game just speaks to me. Plus it’s hard to beat the atmosphere.

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