Minted Ice Cubes and a Rant About How Much I Need an Apartment to Entertain In.

Sometimes I fantasize that I don’t live in a tiny studio apartment (without a couch). I don’t  dream about living in a huge mansion, a cute house or even an awesome condo. I just want a… living room.  And seating. Really, I’d be happy with ANY kind of  place to entertain.  A place where everyone can sit down and chat and peruse a buffet of delicious hor d’oeuvres or a bar with schmancy drinks.  Somewhere I can cook in the hours leading up to the party without frantically trying to plan how to transport my appetizer from here to there (while asking myself if I’m willing to navigate the train with arms full of flimsy pans).

I love hosting parties. I obsess and plan for weeks ahead of time, mostly about the menu, but also about adding touches that make the party unique.  I am by no means one of those over the top people. But I like feeling fancy.

One thing I’m going to do (when I have enough space to have people over) is to serve minted ice cubes with drinks. Aren’t they cute? I have a little square ice cube tray that made them the perfect size for champagne glasses (of which I took absolutely no pictures of).

All you have to do is rough chop fresh mint, spread evenly in an ice cube tray, and gently fill with water.

I slowly poured water in with a cup… because I’m neurotic. No new news there.

Now all you have to do is let them freeze, and serve with champagne or soda.

The mint will really flavor the drink and give off a fresh aroma as the ice melts.

I know it seems very simple, but little touches can really take a party to the next level. Plus, I can’t get over how cute they are! Hope you can serve them at YOUR next party, since mine is currently a pipe dream.



14 thoughts on “Minted Ice Cubes and a Rant About How Much I Need an Apartment to Entertain In.

  1. I bet these would be really great in lemonade or mojitos too! Thanks for sharing!

    I can totally sympathize with your lack of space. Before we moved out West, we lived in an apartment which had what we tenderly referred to as a “one butt” kitchen. so although there was plenty of room for people to sit and eat, I was forced into solitary while I prepared the feast – not so much fun. I hope that one of these days you get a kitchen of your dreams, or at least one that is adequate! In the meantime, I suppose necessity is the mother of invention. Happy Cooking!

  2. These look so fun, and it looks like you have great recipes on your blog. And I totally sympathize with the small apartment situation! I never have people over, and it makes me sad sometimes. I really love it when my friends (with houses!) have parties and I get to bring over some sort of creation.

    • Oh no! Maybe you should start a cooking club! Do those even exist? Well, I’m sure you’ll make friends before you know it and then you’ll be filling those rooms with people (and food of course).

  3. Why is it that those of us who enjoy cooking and entertaining have the smallest kitchens? Something just seems unfair about that…I hope you can acquire that space soon!

  4. I thought you had to crush the mint so it exposes the flavors? I know you have to do that for Mojitos? Maybe the freezing thawing process has a similar effect. Great idea though. What about basil cubes for Bloody Marys?

  5. My dream exactly! We have a living room but not a big enough table and not enough seating for anyone. My bf doesn’t understand why I go gaga over apartments with an actual dining room :( Those are usually out of our price range, considering we want to live hear the subway…
    The mint cubes look so cute :D I only know how to store herbs in ice cubes to use later, but never thought of actually using the cube in a drink. Gonna steal someday :)

  6. Love this idea! Definitely going to “steal” it for my next party. I, too, love to host parties. And though I am blessed with a decent size house, my party guests always include several couples who seem to have a zillion kids each. Add those to my kiddies and I might as well be in a tiny place! But amongst the chaos, we parents try to pretend we’re having an adults-only evening and I think these mint cubes will add a little extra to that fantasy!

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