It’s official: I have a very unhealthy love of Cream Cheese and Jalapenos. Enter Jalapeno Rangoon.

Once upon a time, when I was in college, I went to a not great restaurant (really sh!tty) on the outskirts of town. And mind you, I actually went to college in a “town” – I think there are maybe 17,000 residents? The food wasn’t good and they were shut down not long after for failure to pay taxes- real classy people. But there was one appetizer that was glorious. GLORIOUS. Cut to last weekend, when I decided to try out my own version. With…. JALAPENOS of course.

It was essentially crab rangoon, minus the crab, extra cheese. This had Kara written all over it. I haven’t tried to cook with won ton wrappers before, but I had heard they are easy to use and can be thrown in all sorts of recipes. I figured this was a good time to start my foray.  Here’s what I was working with:

8 oz cream cheese

1/2 cup feta cheese (more or less depending on texture)

2 tbsp minced garlic

1/4 cup chopped jalapeno

Won Ton wrappers

1 egg (to seal edges)

I mashed all the ingredients together in a bowl and laid out my won ton wrappers on a flat surface. I placed approximately 1 tbsp of filling in the middle of each wrapper.

Then, fold over the edge of the wrapper to create a triangle. All of the recipes I’ve read suggested water, butter or egg to seal the edges together. I was of course out of eggs, so I can say that is going to be your best bet, because water and butter just weren’t cutting it. Not even a little.

I had never tried this, so I decided to try to cook them 3 different ways. 1st, pan frying until browned on each side, 2nd baking in the oven, and 3rd, completely throwing the whole “triangle situation” in the trash and just rolling the filling up. The frying turned out okay but probably isn’t practical when cooking for a group of people. I preferred the baking, but they didn’t get as brown because the butter wouldn’t hold the edges so I took them out early:

I think using the egg to seal and using the triangle method in the oven would be my recommendation. These were YUMMMM though. I ate more than I was planning on. And I didn’t even feel guilty.

Maybe next time I’ll even throw some imitation crab meat in there…. nope, probably not. Haaaappy Wednesday!!



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