The great debate- Since when is Pumpkin Beer not okay all year round?

I know, I know. It’s September, which technically still means “Summer”. And granted, the temperature is in the upper 70s here… BUT. I love Pumpkin beer and I secretly (and now very publicly) love that the seasonal beers come out so early so I can get my pumpkin beer fix.

I’ve seen all sorts of press about this lately- well two articles…. The Chicago red-eye is doing a poll:

RedEye Chicago – Is it too early for fall beers?

and a beer blog I stumbled across which also discussed the “early season beverage” situation:

Drink Craft Beer – Why seasonal beer comes out so early

I gotta be honest… I start listening to Christmas music in July and will have soup in the middle of summer. So it comes as no surprise that I’ll take my pumpkin beer when I can get it. And yes, those are christmas lights you see in the background. Deal with it.


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