Healthy (ish) French Fries

I gotta be honest, I don’t know why more people don’t make this at home. I remember growing up my mom used to make legit french fries, but this is a healthier baked version. They’re a great side when you’re trying to figure out how to fill out your plate.

It’s easy! chop up your potato, spread out on a greased (I use cooking spray) pan, season with whatever you have on hand and pop in the oven at 400 until crispy brown. I usually turn on the broiler at the end to ensure an even crispiness.

For this version, I sauteed some garlic with butter and hot sauce and brushed it over the top. I don’t know that the flavor was that much more to really make it worth the extra calories. Also that would have completely negated the “healthy” title. BUT, I am going to try again with more hot sauce for spicy fries. Stay tuned.


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