Beer cheese dip. My analysis: eh.

I stumbled across this recipe and was INCREDIBLY excited to try it out. It’s relatively simple and I love all things with beer and cheese in them. I mean, right? I immediately searched for other beer cheese recipes (always good to look at a couple varieties to see what appeals to you the most) and I chose this one because it didn’t involve a package of ranch dressing mix. I can’t say it was the best dip I’ve ever had. But thought I’d share anyways to save you all from the same crushing disappointment. Definitely edible, but not noteworthy.

Here’s whatcha do: Mix together 2 packages cream cheese, 2-4 cups of cheese, at least 1/2 cup beer (or more depending on consistency) a couple of dashes of Worcestershire sauce, a couple of dashes of hot sauce and a teaspoon of dry mustard powder.

And yes, I grate cheese onto a piece of foil because I think it’s easier.

The recipe I was looking at said to serve cold. I tried it cold and decided to heat it up and add more hot sauce. And then more hot sauce. I think the mustard was what threw me off maybe. I think I would have liked the ranch package kind better.

But hey, as evidenced in the first picture, I managed to get a chip to stand up after a lot of effort so that’s pretty sweet.


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