This post is embarrassing on multiple levels.

ONE. I googled how to spell “embarrassing”. I feel like I saw it on a most misspelled words list and am constantly second-guessing my spelling. Also I’m OCD about grammar and would absolutely DIE if I was posting sub-par content. I digress.

TWO. So I just moved to Chicago (whoop!) and live in a small but charming studio apartment in Lincoln Park. Initially it didn’t feel very homey, but my parents painted everything (I promise I helped them) as a homewarming present. It made an incredible difference and now I’m obsessed with my cute and cozy little nook. Notably, it has a little apartment sized gas stove/oven, which I’m really excited about. I’ve only ever had one for a couple of months when I was crashing with some friends.

Anyways, when I moved, the kitchen was literally the first thing I had completely unpacked (the moving happened in stages and it was the only room with no large furniture. Don’t ask) and I was so excited to organize! I put everything away. neat and tidy, and was so excited it all fit – lots of crap, little bit of space. I put cups/plates etc in one cabinet, spices in another, pots on the shelves and pans in the drawer under the stove.

Fast forward 3 weeks. Making dinner, fantastic turkey burgers, (recipe to follow asap) and decided to melt some cheese on top with the broiler. I was then informed that the broiler is actually that little “drawer” I’d been using as storage, which is not the ridiculous part. For the past 3 weeks, I have been turning on the BROILER, putting things in the OVEN, and bitching to myself about how long it’s been taking! Seriously!

Moral of the story, plenty of good broiler recipes to follow. I’ll broil anything and everything. Even if directions say cook at 350. Too impatient. Also, don’t be fooled by a convenient drawer.


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